Eye Care Center in Chicago, IL

Experienced Ophthalmologists

At Gerstein Eye Institute, our eye doctors understand that every patient who comes to our eye clinic has unique vision needs. Our ophthalmologists work to consider your requests and evaluate what the best recommendations are for your eyes. Whether you are coming in for a distinctive intraocular lens implant or a custom LASIK eye surgery procedure, we know how important it is to match your needs on an individual basis. Our eye doctors work to offer our patients the safest care available via research and technology that is always expanding and changing in ophthalmology. To schedule an appointment at our eye center in Chicago, IL, call (773) 973-3223.

Our ophthalmology services include:

What Makes Our Eye Center Different?

The eye center director may likely oversee your visit, giving you the necessary information to make your experience as comfortable and simple as possible. At our eye clinic in Chicago, IL, you will be provided with clear preoperative instructions before surgery, which will make it easy to follow them carefully. Many of the patients at The Gerstein Eye Institute have been with our eye doctors since the beginning of our ophthalmology practice, and now their children and grandchildren also are our patients. Our eye doctors treat them and every patient as we would treat our own children. Our ophthalmologists take the time and patience necessary to listen to each patient and care for them individually.

To find out more about ophthalmology or to schedule a consultation, contact our eye clinic today at (773) 973-3223.