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How Are Cataracts Diagnosed?

Cataracts Treatment from Gerstein Eye Institute in Chicago

Diagnose Cataracts in Chicago A cataract surgeon serving Chicago can conduct a comprehensive eye examination to diagnose cataracts . First, the cataract surgeon will review your medical history and ask you about your symptoms. You can expect to have a refraction and visual acuity test, during which you’ll be asked to cover one eye, then the other, while reading rows of letters of various sizes. The ophthalmologist will likely perform a slit-lamp exam, which enables him or her to assess your corneas, iris, and lens. The slit-lamp exam allows your ophthalmologist to look for very small abnormalities in these structures.

Another test for the diagnosis of cataracts is a retinal examination. Your ophthalmologist will administer special eye drops to each eye. These eye drops will dilate your pupils, or make them larger, which allows the eye doctor to evaluate your retina. You’ll need to wait for a few minutes for the eye drops to work. Then, your ophthalmologist will use a slit-lamp or an ophthalmoscope to check for signs of a cataract.