Ophthalmologist Top 15 Foods for Eye Health

It sounds counterintuitive to eat your way to better eye health, but the truth is that nutrients in some foods can prevent eye disease and vision loss. You’ve probably heard that of carrots and leafy greens boost eye health, but there are numerous other foods that help you keep your vision.

Unsurprisingly, snacking your way to eye health starts in the produce section. A good rule of thumb is to pick fruits and vegetables of vibrant and deep coloring, which indicates high nutritional content, especially of vitamin A, which is crucial to eye health. But nutrient-rich foods aren’t just in the produce section: fish, nuts, and eggs all provide essential nutrients that can prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

Remember, it’s important to eat with your eyes in mind. Since a lot of eye diseases can be prevented, it’s never too late to start adding foods for eye health to your diet.

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