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Choosing the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Tips to select the best glasses for your face shape

If you wear glasses for vision correction , then you may realize how great an impact your frames can have on your appearance. Are you planning to see an ophthalmologist to get new eye glasses in Chicago? If so, then watch this video for tips on choosing glasses that complement your face shape before heading to the eye doctor.

Start by pulling your hair back and outlining your face by tracing it on a mirror. Then, determine if it most resembles a circle, heart, oval, diamond, square, or rectangle. If your face shape is a circle, then choose glasses that have strong, angular shapes which will add definition to your look. Conversely, a square face shape can be softened with glasses that have round frames. For heart-shaped faces, rimless frames can be ideal, and heavy or over embellished ones should be avoided.