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The Truth About Glaucoma Symptoms

The Glaucoma Symptoms from Gerstein Eye Institute's Blog

Some eye conditions are obvious, but others require the help of an eye doctor in Chicago to diagnose. Even those who practice excellent eye care may run into certain eye health issues, so it’s wise to maintain a working relationship with your ophthalmologist. Glaucoma is one eye condition that can compromise your vision and ultimately change your quality of life. You might not notice signs of the disorder on your own, but your professional will be able to detect its presence. Read on for the real truth about glaucoma symptoms.

Glaucoma symptoms are tricky because they don’t always exist. In fact, many people with glaucoma don’t experience any symptoms at all until the disease progresses. Those who do notice symptoms of this condition may experience blurred or distorted vision. As the disease progresses, you might experience vision loss as well. Angle-closure glaucoma is a rare kind that may cause nausea and eye pain. Since there is no cure for glaucoma and you might not actually experience symptoms, it’s extra important that you visit your eye doctor for screenings. Your ophthalmologist can check for signs of glaucoma, and he or she can devise a treatment plan if you appear to have the disease.

Glaucoma symptoms