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Blog Posts in December, 2015

What Causes Glaucoma to Develop?

Glaucoma causes a buildup of pressure inside of the eye that can result in worsening damage to the eye’s optic nerve over time. Because many people don’t experience any symptoms of ...
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Eye Complications of Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, it’s crucial that you visit your eye doctor in Chicago regularly for eye exams and eye care. Diabetes increases your risk of developing dangerous and permanent eye ...
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Taking Care of Your Eyes In The Winter

Due to dry, cold winter air and the use of indoor heating, people are much more likely to seek dry eye treatment in Chicago during the winter. Dry eye symptoms can be uncomfortable, and can prevent ...
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Types of Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the many health complications that can arise amongst people who suffer from diabetes. If you are diabetic, you should visit your eye doctor regularly for eye care in ...
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