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Blog Posts in October, 2015

What Causes Blurry Vision in Diabetics?

If you suffer from diabetes, you can lower your risk of developing serious eye conditions by visiting an eye doctor on a yearly basis for comprehensive eye care and vision correction in Chicago. ...
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Get Your Sight Back with Cataract Surgery [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cataracts are a relatively common condition, and become even more common with age. Almost 25% of people between the ages of 64 and 69 have cataracts, and the percentage rises with age. Cataracts occur ...
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A Guide to Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious eye condition that results from diabetes complications, and that may be less of a risk if the patient makes regular, yearly visits to an eye doctor for eye care in ...
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Want to join our team?

We are looking for a Receptionist with experience in healthcare and should be familiar with electronic medical records, insurance benefits, collecting co-pays, and some medical terminology. ...
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Different Types of Contact Lenses

If your eye doctor or ophthalmologist has determined that you need vision correction, he may recommend contact lenses. Other than eye surgery, contact lenses are typically the most effective form of ...
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