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What Is a Cortical Cataract?

opthalmologist near chicagoA cataract is an eye condition that causes worsening vision and eye problems if it is not treated by an eye doctor. The symptoms of cataracts include blurry vision, sensitivity to light, poor night vision, double vision, seeing halos around light sources, distortion of color perception, and frequent changes in contact lens or eyeglasses prescriptions. Cataracts can be diagnosed and treated by an eye doctor or ophthalmologist near Chicago.

There are three primary types of cataracts: subcapsular cataracts, nuclear cataracts, and cortical cataracts. Cortical cataracts cause a worsening of vision that begins in the peripheral vision. You may notice cloudy, white floaters that progress from the periphery of your vision towards the center. Cortical cataracts occur in the lens cortex, or the part of the eye’s lens that surrounds the central nucleus.

If you suffer from cataracts, an eye doctor or ophthalmologist may first try to correct your vision using eyeglasses or contact lenses. If this treatment doesn’t work and the cataracts progress, you may need to undergo cataract surgery. Often, cataract surgery is the only truly successful method of cataract treatment.

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