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Keeping Your Eyes Safe Around Fireworks

Summer is the season for dazzling displays of fireworks, and the Fourth of July tends to be the pinnacle. If you want to be safe and keep your eye doctor in Chicago happy while you enjoy the view, be sure to practice proper eye care. Look at this video clip for tips on keeping your eyes safe around fireworks.

There’s a lot to love about the summertime, from days at the beach to ice cream cones in the backyard. For many families, it’s tradition to go out and see a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Fireworks can be beautiful, but they’re equally bright. If the light gets to be too much, consider putting on a pair of sunglasses. You can also try to distance yourself from the spectacle to avoid such intense exposure. Whether you prefer sparklers, bottle rockets, or firecrackers, practice proper eye care.

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