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Keeping Your Eyes Safe This New Year’s Eve

Your ophthalmologist near Chicago will tell you that the holiday season can be particularly hazardous for the health of your eyes. To help avoid an accident, continue reading to learn how to practice good eye care this New Year’s Eve. 2017 Eye Care Tips


If you’re like most people, then you intend to ring in the new year with a champagne toast during your holiday party. To make a great impression on your guests, learn how to open a champagne bottle like a pro, something which does not involve flying corks. The uncontrolled release of a cork from a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne can reach up to 50mph, making it a serious eye hazard, according to eye doctors. You can help protect everyone’s eyes at your party by learning to safely open champagne.


A frequently underestimated New Year’s Eve tradition, the use of sparklers is one of the leading fireworks-related causes of emergency trips to an eye doctor. For this reason, their use should be approached with the same level of caution as fireworks. To use sparklers safely this holiday, only light them outdoors, light only one at a time, point sparklers away from your face and those of others, and always keep a bucket of water nearby. As for fireworks, do not touch unexploded fireworks, always wear protective gear when handling fireworks, and respect all safety barriers at fireworks shows.


For many people, a New Year’s Eve party is lacking if there aren’t party poppers involved. If you plan to celebrate with party poppers this holiday, keep in mind that they can cause eye injuries if they aren’t used with caution. First, always point party poppers away from your face and those of others. Second, avoid trying to fix poppers that turn out to be duds because there is a chance that they will explode in your face while you’re working on them. Finally, never allow children to use party poppers alone and be sure to instruct them on their safe and proper use.