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Tips for Preventing Dry Eye Symptoms This Season

Once the cold, dry weather of winter arrives, many people are forced to make changes to keep their eyes comfortably lubricated. If you’re thinking about visiting your eye doctor in Chicago about dry eye treatment, then continue reading to learn what else you can do to prevent dry eye symptoms this season.

While outdoors, dry winter winds can take quite a toll on your eye lubrication, so consider wearing sunglasses during the day and glasses at night when you head outside. Additionally, wearing contact lenses for extended periods of time can lead to dry eye symptoms, so consider favoring your eyeglasses more during the winter and wearing your contact lenses for shorter durations.

Getting enough fluids is important for your overall health year-round but is particularly significant when you want to prevent your eyes from feeling dry and gritty. Also, if you want to avoid dry eye symptoms, then be sure to include plenty of vitamins A, C, and E in your diet this season, as well as foods containing omega-3 fatty acids. Finally, if the air in your home feels dry, run a humidifier as often as necessary to keep your indoor humidity levels within a comfortable range.

Dry Eye Symptoms