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Getting Lasik Surgery? How to Prepare

Lasik Eye Surgery by Gerstein Eye Institute in Chicago

Getting Lasik Surgery? How to Prepare

LASIK treatments by Gerstein Eye Institute

Prepping for any kind of surgery involves a number of steps, and Lasik surgery is no exception. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the procedure and make sure it is done correctly, we at Gerstein Eye Institute in Chicago ask that our patients follow some simple instructions we provide prior to surgery. You’ll get a full rundown on these when you talk with our team, but here are the basics, for quick and easy reference. (Naturally, if there are any specific additions to this you need to follow, your physician will let you know. Your personalized instructions will always take precedence over the ones shared here.)

Contact lens use. Prior to Lasik surgery, you’ll need to stop wearing your contacts for a period of time. How long this time frame depends in part on what type of contact lenses you wear. Hard contact wearers will probably need to cease wearing them four to eight weeks before the procedure; soft contact wearers can usually wear them for up to a week or two prior to the surgery. Please make sure you get specifics from an ophthalmologist on your timeline.

Keep things clean and simple. Just before surgery, you’ll want to minimize any exposure to irritants and make sure your eye and face area is clean and free of makeup or lotions. Take a pass on perfumes, hairspray, and anything else that can potentially get into the eye. Also, try to wear a shirt that doesn’t pill or shed to avoid anything getting into the eye prior to or during the procedure.

Food and drink. Typically you can eat and drink normally prior to Lasik surgery, but there are a few exceptions. We’ll talk to you about this with you in more detail when you meet with the doctor.

Arrange for a ride. You will not be able to drive after this procedure, so be sure to line up a ride home for afterward. You’ll also need someone to take you to the facility. Lasik surgery is not a long procedure, so the wait time shouldn’t be too significant. We’ll give you an idea of how long you’ll be in when we discuss your specific surgery.

Ask questions! Any good ophthalmologist will encourage any and all questions about Lasik surgery. We take time to explain to our patients what goes on before, during, and afterward, but if they have any additional concerns, we’re here to address them. Keeping a list of things you’d like to ask can be helpful, but you can bring questions up at any time. It’s important for you to feel comfortable about the process, and confident you know what is going on every step of the way.

If there is anything you are wondering about that hasn’t been addressed here, or if you’d like to learn more about Lasik surgery in the Chicago area, call Gerstein Eye Institute today. We’re here to help!

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